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Vera Gabriele

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I live in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa, I came over here from Europe in 2000. I had previously lived in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom...I used to be a translator English/German and vice versa now I work as a Personal support worker (meaning I look after people who are mentally or physically impaired) I love swimming, yoga and hiking, dancing, nature and my cat.. I am 5ft4...brown hair brown eyes. 125 lbs and a Scorpio x

  • If the Duchess of Cambridge will have a daughter...what do you think is a good name for a princess?

    Kate is a pretty woman....those portraits both don't do her looks justice...

    that's not the point though...I believe if the first child is a girl then the name ''Diana'' will be one of them but not likely the first name...and I also somehow believe ''Elizabeth will be another the Queen is Elizabeth, Kate's mom is Carol Elizabeth Middleton and Catherine herself is ''Catherine Elizabeth...'' what do you think is a nice first name as most Royals have at least 3 or even 4 given names...

    what are your favourites and I don't believe as this might be a queen one day well in the future they can give her an ultra modern name but have to stick at least a little bit to tradition...of course it was different for Peter Phillips and his wife Autumn...but they are not going to have a child that will be a ''Savannah was alright for them to choose for their daughter...I don't believe Kate and William can be that modern in their choosing... what are some nice names that are vintage but also current...and sound good for a Princess and maybe one day Queen of Britain?

    1)Helen Diana Elizabeth Anne

    2) Lucille (Lucy Elizabeth Diana (Mary)

    3) Seraphina Diana Elizabeth...?

    4) Grace Diana Elizabeth...(Mary or Anne)

    5) Lillian Diana Elizabeth...

    6) Alexandra Diana Elizabeth

    any nice suggestions you have for a baby girl...who is going to be a princess? Something normal but a bit elegant and just

    Thank you...x I am just curious...

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  • Teenage girls only - I need your help re music for a 14 yr old's birthday?

    Girls, I need your help urgently..I live in Canada and my Cousin in Germany..he has a daughter Annika who will be 14 on July 20th...he says she is not interested in books just in boys..I think it would be great to send her some music of some American or other boy bands or ''young male singers'' or even some photos of some celeb cute guys you find nice...She will probably like something she can dance to on her 14th birthday party...and her hobby are ''boys'' so what can I say...just send her music of some cute guys...Great hobby for her as she is not even 14 yet Lol..mine were 14 but times change I get it...

    Thanks in advance for your help...or any guy who might be ''cute'' and not too old..someone you like if you are 14, 15 or 16 years old..would be appreciated..


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  • why is it that people who are interoverts think there is something wrong with them?

    Everytime I look on psychology and people seem to believe they must be nerds or abnormal to be is a whole list of famous and people in history who all were introverts and some of them have made some great contributions to the world, I am an introvert's not the same as being shy..and there are only two types of people...extroverts or introverts...there is nothing wrong with either..just look at who is or was a famous introvert and tell me if those people are geeks or freaks...that is a big misconception and one should not be ashamed of being an does not mean to be a recluse or rude or not liking other people, or not being able to make great friends...I hope when some people look at who are famous introverts...they will see that these people doen't even appear introverted to most of us...but they are still introverts...and most of us would not have guessed...

    Here Albert Einstein a famous introvert...Eleanor Roosevelt...Helen Hunt..Harry Potter author J.K.Rowling...David Letterman, Al Gore..Clint Eastwood..and more...

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  • What am I supposed to think, torn between worry and feeling upset?

    I am not really upset but a little bit and at the same time feel concerned for my long-term friend. She is my best friend and we have known each other since she was 7 and I was 9 years old.

    She has a lot of health problems and she is also a person who lets her younger sister always take advantage of her, because she simply cannot ever be assertive and simply say ''No'' once in a while, so her sisters always expect her to do things for them and they would do nothing in return for her, but she is a ''yes' sayer and if one says ''yes'' to everything then one will get taken advantage of.

    I like to be kind and helpful to others as well but if it's too much for me, I say.''Sorry, but the answer is no'' and after a while people get the drift and will ask first and not demand things from me. I am polite but assert myself and she doesn't.

    I have to explain that I have been friends with her for 40 years this summer..I am 49 and she will be 48 in this is a long enduring and long lasting friendship and we spent a lot of our childhood together, I got married at age 25, she was my maid of honor at my wedding but she herself did not get married, instead she took care of her ailing mother who suffered from depression and physical health problems. This took a toll on my friend's health and her physical health started to deteriorate and her siblings of which she has 4 haven't helped at all, with the exception of one of them sometimes.

    My having married did not harm our friendship. I then moved from my country of origin to the Netherlands with my husband and that did not come between us. This friendship has endured the test of time and there is no distance too far between friends, because friendship gives wings to the heart and as long as one feels a connection then friends don't have to be together often as long as one feels connected and we have phoned each other.

    My friend visited us there also...then in 2000 we moved to another continent.,to Canada from Central Europe and my friend visited once. Now she because of her health issues she is on on a ''pension'' at age 47 but the doctors tell her that she is able to work 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. She doesn't have to pay rent but because of her reduced means she no longer has a phone installed in her home and uses a cell phone only, so i can no longer phone her. I cannot get in touch via email because she has no internet and she does not understand to use it.

    We were best friends but she was also like the sister I never had and every fortnight Sunday, she went to my parents who live just 2 streets from her, and that is were I grew up with her...Whenever she was there on Sundays i could talk to my friend Marina, no she has not shown up for the past 6 or 7 weeks and I am wondering if I should get concerned about her, she has a lot of health issues but she had them before and still visited my parents...and I write letters to her when I can but I understand she also takes care of her youngest sisters 3 year old daughter and she cleans her youngest sisters house and cooks there...because they expect it of her and as I mentioned before, she does it...because her sister is trying to go back to school and train to become an office clerk.

    I just wonder can 3000 miles eventually catch up with a friendship even if it has a solid foundation and she may think that I don't visit my home country a could she just not care anymore or might she be ill.

    If i had the means I would try to support her, but I have financial problems and we have a house and a mortgage here in Canada so I can't help her financially and I don't suppose she expects that.

    Maybe this is just normal in a friendship at any age, as kids we ran the gamut from fighting with each other, to ignoring each other, to being friends...maybe the same happens to adults.

    I just wonder what I should write to her. I told her it's ok if she is busy and that it's normal and understandable that she has friends there at home...and I don't feel envious of that...but I just want to know why I have not heard for her for almost 2 months now and i am worried and a little tiny bit ticked off by it..because i wonder if she does not value the friendship anymore all of a sudden due to the distance and the changes in her circumstances where I can't even phone her as she has no normal phone any longer...and she might have a lot of doctor's visits or do a lot for her sister and spend almost all of her time being substitute mom to her little niece instead of thinking of her own needs first for once...? x

    thanks for your input !

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  • what do you think of these baby girls names>?

    I am a fan of the actess Lillian Gish. She was an actress in silent movies but she was a famous character actress and played many supporting roles in her later years until the 1970's in the talkies...what do you think of the name Lillian Sarah ( Sarah after the great French theatre actress of the 1800's who was Sarah Bernhard). One of the most famous theatrical actresses of the 1800's?

    Lillian Gish was Lillian Diana Gish?

    What sounds better

    Lillian Diana

    Lillian Sarah /

    apart from that

    what do you think of the name Amelita which is a different form of Amelia?

    what about Lucille, Lucinda or Luciana? How would you pronounce Luciana? Which of the 3 do you prefer?

    Which do you prefer..Gianna or Joanna or Hannah?

    Why do you think the name Josephine is so popular but everybody seems to think Serafina sounds strange? I think personally both are nice names.

    What about Emily Jane or Emily Dorothea?

    What names would go best with Audrey...? Audrey means ''Noble strenght?'' and Audrey Hepburn

    was an elegant and graceful woman.

    of the following which do you prefer..

    Adele, Adelina, Adelita and what middle name would you use?

    Can you think of a name that would honor both someone named Elizabeth and someone else named Emily..with another 3rd name that is neutral from both of the ones mentioned but that seems to flow well enough to fit in with these 2?

    What vintage names do you like...names that are still fashionable and will stay popular and have been popular for a long time ?(Could you list some that are not too old fashioned but still vintage and not trendy girls names?

    Thank you !

    5 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago
  • Is this 12 year old girl not an amazing painter?/Artist?

    Let's leave religion out of this because it's an important subject but causes too much controversy amongst people...I just would like you to look at the paintings as works of art and would you not agree that for a 12 year old and a self taught painter of of wonderful pictures, this girl has a lot of potential...if thoughts of heaven inspire her, I see it as an added bonus, but I am impressed that she is able to paint pictures like that and started at such a young age..I would never ever be able to have the talent to create such wonderful artwork...I find it inspirational...what do you think...? I admire people who have amazing talents...creative talents, writing, music, dance, painting.... We need beautiful music to raise us up and we need music to see that dance is an art and dancers are athletes because dancing requires a lot of stamina and it is not a feminine talent...Male dancers can be very great as well and writers give us the ability to either learn new things or to delve into a world of fiction that allows us to make the characters in a book become alive and we get an impression of them and they become real people for us if we read a book like with passion...and great paintings are a joy for the eyes to see...I take pleasure in just looking at the paintings..I leave the creator out of this...if God inspires her to paint, that's wonderful but I just want to ask if you think if this girl has not got a talent at creating beautiful in depth paintings that are so skillful that one would not believe they are painted by a 12 year old...?

    9 AnswersPainting9 years ago
  • Can the simple words ''by all means'' ever be meant in a condescending snobbish kind of way?

    I speak English fluently but some words, I am not sure about if they are meant in a friendly or in a condescending way. This is a person I have known since 2005 who in some context said to all means...send the photo...I went at the weekend to an old Village here in Canada where the early pioneers settled in 1840 and people there still work the fields, work the mill, bake their own bread, make their own newspaper, most of this is done for the tourists and it was fun and very educational and entertaining to see women in hoop dresses and bonnets of the mid 1800's and men doing farm work in old fashioned garments....

    Fact is I lost 42 lbs and this person said ''I would like to see a recent picture'' and now I took some photos on Sunday'' and then he wrote..amongst other things..''by all means send it but to me it did ot sound more than condescending. I am sure a lot is in how one says those words, if one sounds keen, but on the other hand one could also imagine someone to say '' by all means come again if you are in the area'' to me that doesn't sound very sincere...If they really mean something in a positive way they would surely say '' Please, if ever you come this way again do not fail to come and see us again, as we would be so happy to see you again and put some more enthusiasm behind some sounds lame to me if someone says ''By all means...I don't know. I am not angry just a little miffed as to me it sounds somewhat condescending to say ''By all means'' it has something arrogant and snobbish about this choice of I totally wrong...I personally believe it depends a lot how a person says those words but one cannot know that when it's in writing.

    Can the words ''by all means'' show a show a lack of interest and be somewhat condescending and a bit standoffish or am I wrong...I would like to know, as I speak English fluenty but it's after not my first language so might get the wrong impression here, so thank you all who are fluent and know the meaning and power of words..x

    4 AnswersWords & Wordplay9 years ago
  • Thank you Psychology category, thanks in particular Psychology Australia?

    This is not a question but a ''thank you'' for everyone in the Psychology category and in particular Psychology Australia...I know I am Canadian but by some freak mistake I had the pleasure and the good fortune to lead Psychology ''Australia'' until now. I don't know why I did not end up on Psychology Canada, but mistakes happen and I just want to say, if i was able to make a tiny difference to anyone by answering their questions or giving some advice or an opinion and it helped, then I am very glad..I will not leave but i am not going to be a lot on Yahoo Answers Psychology anymore ...I won't say goodbye, I am just not on there a lot of times anymore and I am sure than Mars Mission, who is in hot pursuit of me on Psychology Australia is ready and more than capable and a great person to take the lead over from me...I have every confidene that he will be a great replacement soon as the top contributor and Nr 1 New leader on Psychology Australia..

    Thank you all so very much if you trusted me and if I was able to help some of you...If anyone has questions I am available via email on Y/A..and I will check in occasionally and answer a few questions..

    It was an honor for me to have had the lead on Yahoo Answers Psycholofy Australia for a long time...change is coming...Mars Mission Australia...I know you are more than capable to fill my place and take over leadership...

    This is not goodbye, this is just a ''so long'' as I am only cutting down but am not entirely leaving...I will be around..and Mars mission, I'll be watching you...LOL ..Take care all of you...

    I will from now on only answer a few questions in Psychology per week, but if anyone wants my advice I am still here..

    Thank you Psychology category, thank you, my contacts, and a big thank you Psychology

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  • How is it possible that some people consider the actions of this selfless mother as ''selfish''?

    Please read link above... this young mother found out when she carried a moving living baby in her body that her severe back pain was due to bowel cancer (or intestinal cancer), she did not want to risk chemotherapy whilst she carried the baby because she did not want to expose the unborn to unnecessary danger or possible termination of a far advanced now she gave birth to a little baby daugher whom they named Polly Jean but unfortunately for Sarah Brooks, the mother, her cancer has spread as she waited and did not opt for immediate chemo. The cancer now is in her lungs and neck and some other body parts and ''cure'' now impossible'' instead one now can only speak of ''treatment'' of her cancer.

    I would like your take on this...If this happened to my mom, she would have done exactly what Sarah Brooks did and so would I, if this is selfish then I have a problem understanding people..

    One the one side, folks consider an abortion after week 12 of pregnancy as criminal (which it probably is) if the baby is no longer just a fetus with no nerves and cannot feel pain yet, but has reached past week 12 then it becomes a human being ..and many people are even outraged if women abort a child when it's not a child as yet and she is only 2 months pregnant, then abortion is legal and the fetus has no nerves and is considered a human yet...and this woman was far advanced in her pregnancy, she did not do anything to bring the cancer upon herself and she decided to make sure her baby is not exposed to how can this be a selfish act? Just because she probably will never get better and it was not mentioned how much time she got left..but I am sure unless a miracle happens, she will not see her child grow up or probably not even be there when little Polly is just a toddler...

    I am sure she talked to her husband and he agreed with her decision as couples don't make decisions on their own... so if she dies, this is a child conceived out of love, if the husband is a good man, he will love this child and not see it as a burden to be a single father...I am certain his wife will not expect of him to remain single and he will remarry one day... and hopefully if Sarah has to die, and he marries some other woman it will be a good woman, who will love Polly and the loving memories of Sarah Brooke will stay alive and one day when she is old enough I hope her dad will tell her what a brave and and exceptional woman her mother was, even if he marries again...and hopefully after some grieving finds love again and a good stepmother for Polly and even if he has a second wife, I hope she will treat Polly no different from children they may have...with his some day future wife..

    What do you think...Is this selfless or selfish...I don't see selfishness in this action on the part of Sarah Brooke at all. x

    Thanks x

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  • A simple request to anyone who can help me..,.,?

    a young friend of mine...who is just really young is in hospital and he has cancer..can you all or as many of you send me some entertaining links of great Piano music as he likes that...some great music that holds faith and hope...but is not mushy...some funny links and some trivia he can look at and have a bit of fun with in hospital? Please no dirty jokes and no gross pictures but something nice..

    He is only in hospital temporarily but he has stage 4 please help me to just find something inspirational and some great music that is a bit like Vangelis but he got enough Vangelis...something else..and some great fun quizzes or great pictures to look at...some fun links ...he would appreciate it and i would be grateful to you...and pass it on to him..

    Thanks very much all of you who will help me...x

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  • April 14/15 2012 commemorate 100th anniversary of sinking of Titanic, some interesting facts and stories?

    This coming Saturday and Sunday (April 14th/15 2012) marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. In 1912 the Titanic hit the iceberg between 11.40 pm and 11.50 pm Sunday April 14, 1912 and the Titanic sank at approx. 2.20 a.m on Monday morning, April 15, 1912.

    Out of 2 223 people on board only 705 survived.

    In first class 4 women died...all of them of their own choosing (Ida Strauss wanted to stay with her husband of many years and choose to not get into a lifeboat. Only one of the first class passenger children died.

    There was big class divison between 1st and 2nd class but even more so between first class and streerage (3rd class)

    Some famous survivors of 3rd class was the last Titanic Survivor Millvina Dean who passed away in 2009 at age 97, she was only 10 weeks old in April 2012.

    Her brother Bertram Dean was born in 1910 and lived until 1992

    The other last survivors were Lillian Gertrude Apslund 3rd class passenger, 1906 - 2006

    Eva Hart 1995 - 1995

    Michel Navratil 1908 - 2001

    Ruth Becker 1999 - 1990

    Here some facts and survivor pictures and stories that might interest some of you..

    The movie Titanic was epic but it did not have a lot in common with the real facts but the facts about the class differences were true as well as that bow and the stern of the Titanic really broke into two different parts which was under dispute until the Titanic wreckage was found in the late 1980s when it was proved a fact and the interior of the ship in the movie Titanic is very much as it must have been in 1912. Very authentic..

    1. What do you think of the stories?

    2. will you or did you watch the movie Titanic in 3D which is in cinemas now?

    How did you like it if you saw it?

    3. Will you think for a moment on Sunday about those gone in this terrible disaster on it's 100th anniversary...?

    4. if some stories about the Titanic interest you, what interests you most?

    For me it has to be the people...the ship cost millions and it took 3 years to build it and it's tragic that such a beautiful ship on which so many people worked would not even survive it's maiden voyage but for me human loss of life always counts more and I find it sad that only 705 people survived...because of so many reasons and of course Captian Smith never had to deal with disaster and there were not enough lifeboats and most of them were half empty when lowered into the the Atlantic...because the gravity of the situation was not clear to many passengers until it was too late for most...x

    Please feel free to share your thoughts. Thanks x

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  • What can I do to be an organ donor after having read about Helene Campbell's double lung transplant?

    Hi, I want to be an organ donor, I have a health card that says that I am an organ donor but I want to be sure this is enough..I am from Canada like Helene Campbell this 20 year young woman who raised awareness of the important of organ donation...She suffered from a deteriorating lung disorder and would have died but a donor was found for Helene who campaigned for this on twitter and all over the internet...her story made headlines and even celebs and Ellen de Generes got to hear about it and I do hope that Helene's body will not reject those new lungs and that they are a new lease on life for her and that she has a healthy and happy and a meanigful life in front of her..

    What can I do to make sure I am a legitimate organ donor...I am from Ontario, Canada...Like Helene?

    Would you become a donor if you were in a coma and no chance to ever get better if you were severely brain damaged or if you died but your organs could make a differnce to save another human life..would you donate your organs or would your religion or your opinion about organ donation make you hesitate to do it?

    I most definitely am 100 percent sure I want to do it if somethingt shoud happen to me...Anyone who knows how to become a legitmate organ donor in Canada, please let me know..because I have doubts that my health card that reads ''donor'' is sufficient and if something happens to me I would like to see someone as young as Helene get a chance at life if I was braindead or dead anyhow...

    Do you think Helene's story will make more people aware of the necessity to become organ donors?

    What are your wishes and hopes for Helene after watching her video and hearing her story...?

    She is a fighter and she fought for her life.. I believe she is an incredible young woman. She is brave and courageous. x

    2 AnswersPolls & Surveys9 years ago
  • What can I do to become an organ donor after having read about Helene Campbell double lung transplant?

    Hi, I want to be an organ donor, I have a health card that says that I am an organ donor but I want to be sure this is enough..I am from Canada like Helene Campbell this 20 year young woman who raised awareness of the important of organ donation...She suffered from a deteriorating lung disorder and would have died but a donor was found for Helene who campaigned for this on twitter and all over the internet...her story made headlines and even celebs and Ellen de Generes got to hear about it and I do hope that Helene's body will not reject those new lungs and that they are a new lease on life for her and that she has a healthy and happy and a meanigful life in front of her..

    What can I do to make sure I am a legitimate organ donor...I am from Ontario, Canada...Like Helene?

    Would you become a donor if you were in a coma and no chance to ever get better if you were severely brain damaged or if you died but your organs could make a differnce to save another human life..would you donate your organs or would your religion or your opinion about organ donation make you hesitate to do it?

    I most definitely am 100 percent sure I want to do it if somethingt shoud happen to me...Anyone who knows how to become a legitmate organ donor in Canada, please let me know..because I have doubts that my health card that reads ''donor'' is sufficient and if something happens to me I would like to see someone as young as Helene get a chance at life if I was braindead or dead anyhow...

    Do you think Helene's story will make more people aware of the necessity to become organ donors?

    What are your wishes and hopes for Helene after watching her video and hearing her story...?

    She is a fighter and she fought for her life.. I believe she is an incredible young woman. She is brave and courageous. x

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  • Is this progress and good news or bad if a transgendered woman can take part in Miss Universe?

    I am a very open minded person and I am for gay marriages being allowed because it would mean a committed relationship to one partner. I see no harm in that, gay people have a right to find love and better to be in a long-term relationship within a one partner relationship than trying to find love in the streets or changing sex and relationship parters rather often. In my opinion, to be gay should not have a stigma attached to it. If a woman has multiple sex partners and uses no protection she is in as much danger to get HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases... We live in the 21st century and homosexuality has existed ever since the ancient Romans and most likely before.

    This is a different matter however to have a transgendered person (a woman) her name is Jenna, and I understand she was unhappy in her body as a man, I am for gender change if people are that unhappy in their bodies, but here I do not agree that she should have been allowed to compete in the Miss Universe contest..she is a woman, yes, but I am against allowing a transgender to take part in a beauty pageant..... although maybe it's ok as everybody knows she used to be a man once so if they vote for her, it will be because she has as much grace, beauty, intelligence and whatever is required of the Miss Universe contestants, otherwise she will not garner many votes.

    Am I a too liberal thinker and do you all disagree with me...I guess someone will boo a lot at my opinions but as long as the response makes sense I am all for being honest but not necessarily rude. No need for rudeness but I appreciate your opinions and to be outspoken...thanks x

  • would you like to check out this website about digital art?

    If you are interested in art, digital art or photography, check out this website..I find it quite can go to other links, there are all kinds of different artists and different styles to see...

    What do you think about it?

    Do you like any...some of the illustrators are quite young...and so professional. 21 years old and they can do amazing things by integrating art and computer design or is that graphic design?

    Anyhow...have fun looking at the different links I hope this link leads you to the many others like it did me...x

    2 AnswersOther - Visual Arts9 years ago
  • What's your take on a mom putting her 7 year old daughter on strict diet?

    I am sure most of you have read about this mom who put her 7 year old daughter on a rigid diet. If you watch the video you see the little girl now? Does she really look obese... Ok, she lost 16 lbs but I can hardly imagine that the kid was really obese before even if you add 16 lbs.

    If a child is too heavy for her or his height at such a young age, isn't being overweight the parents fault for making or for allowing bad food choices for the child?

    I remember when I was 6 years old, my mom and dad had to work and I was in charge of my grandma who said to me every afternoon, ''get a slice of cream cake for each of us''....which I did and when I started school I was not overweight really but I had a belly and I know there was a little boy who said to his mom ''Mom we are getting a pretty girl in our class but do you think she got knocked up, she must be pregnant, her belly looks big?" LOL that was not fun really but I lost that weight because once I started school there were just no more cream cakes in the afternoon and as a healthy 6 year old I moved and ran around a lot and lost the maybe extra 8 lbs within a short time without being put on a diet?

    How did this 7 year old who looks perfectly normal weight to me get to be overweight? Doesn't the mom pick her food for her and allowed her to eat a lot of junk food before? Did the mom eat a lot of junk food herself or are some mom's just weight obsessed and want to look like the glamour celebs themselves and then go on some crazy fad diets that are not healthy...Why can't they instead change from eating bad food to healthy options and still make eating food fun and allowing the kid some sweet dessert sometimes but it can be something with half the calories?

    Curtis Stone, Jamie Oliver and Rachael Ray and other chefs show so many ways to cook healthy and still have a low cal dessert that is tasty but low in calories where one can indulge oneself and instead let the kid run and play with friends to lose the weight in a natural way?

    What are your thoughts on this well known story? Dieting for young children yes or no or instead no diet but heathy food options.?

    Thanks xl

    11 AnswersToddler & Preschooler9 years ago
  • How do you like these rather beautiful wall paintings?

    I will let the pictures speak for themselves. What do you think of this artwork?

    Which of these wall paintings would you like best if you had a choice?

    Would you like to see this kind of wallpainting in the town were you live or do you not approve of it and see it as graffiti or do you prefer modern but artful graffiti?

    Let me know what your favourite is...


    2 AnswersPolls & Surveys9 years ago
  • Folks , what do you know about your ancestors?

    Lol, don't get fresh with me, I didn't mean our ''ancestors the apes'' I mean how far can you trace your family history back and what would interest you to know. On Fridays there is this TV series about some celebs who check out their ancestry '' who am I? '' but they get a lot of hints to go to the right places and research with some expert help.

    Is it more or less true that the story of our forefathers or ancestors makes us all or almost all either multicultural or at least leads us to different countries...I am sure in no single family if one could trace ones family history back would a person's ancestors all have been born in the same country. Definitely not Americans as your forefathers or ancestors must have come mainly from Europe.

    I had the opportunity to ask my grandmother a lot but I don't know enough. My paternal grandmother was born in 1895 ..there is a lot there that I would have loved to ask her. My mothers mom died young of pneumonia in her early 30's so that I never met my maternal grandmother but my maternal grandmother was Anna and my mom was only 5 years old, she doesn't know if she was Swedish or Finnish but she did speak Russian.

    I know that my paternal grandfather's name was Samuel Suter and he came from a tiny place in Switzerland but my father forgot from which part.

    My mother was born in a part of Germany that is now part of Poland and the name of her birth town has now a Polish's the same name but in all atlases it's found written there in Polish. I might wish to go and see where my mom, her brother, as well as my maternal grandfather and Grandmother were born. That will give me some kind of closure to see where my grandfather grew up and my mom and uncle and her mother Elizabeth who died in her 30's of pneumonia and is the grandma I never got to know.., even if I know everything must have changed drastically after WWII and I don't speak Polish.

    How interested are you in your ancestors and what would you like to find out if you could...

    The farther one can go back and more information one has, the better and the more interesting it is...It holds a fascination to find out more who I am through those who have been there before me and are my ancestors...x

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  • Anybody - what shld victims of stalkers really do to not end up murdered?

    Hi I am not paranoid and I have never been a victim of a stalker but near to were my parents live (in Europe) I live in Canada, a young woman had an obsessed stalker who sent her a deadly snake in a parcel..she did not get bitten but he killed her boyfriend. That happened in a small village in Central Europe.

    Then there was this terrible murder of sitcom star Rebecca Schaeffer that really changed the laws about stalking in the USA and made people more aware of it...and made more ridid laws against stalking but not just celebs are at risk.

    A young lady said 13 years ago a guy had a crush on her and now he is married. with children. That he has a religious obsession and he phones her house 5 times a day. He also came over as he used to be their next door neighbour 13 years ago and he invited himself when she had guests around and he tries to really constantly get her to talk about religion. Most likely I agree that this guy is more a religiously obsessed person and not that her life is at stake but he is harrassing her..I told her she should try to tell his wife and keep the phone messages for his wife to check...and try to reason with her husband and to not ever let him into the house when she is alone or if his father still lives next door she should tell him about his son phoning 5 or 6 times a day and waylaying her and inviting himself to be a guest at a party when he was not invited but at least other people were there..then if that doesn't work she should keep the evidence and call police for harrassment if wife or parents can't make him stop and get a restraining order against the meantime to not aggravate him about his religious beliefs..

    What can one really do to protect oneself?

    Girls and young women seem gullible when it comes to facebook and some people are stalkers on there who give a fake identity. One guy had pretended to be 19 and then it turned out he was in his late 40's and he asked a girl on a date from which she did never return alive..he stabbed her. He used the identity of someone else and made her believe he was young and send her pictures and all that and she went to meet him and he killed her so please be careful when you meet someone on Facebook or elsewhere and please also don't send or publish photos of yourselves in underwear ..because there are freaks out there..

    Rebecca Schaeffer was a minor celeb but this can happen to anyone

    -1 What do you think should happen to make staking laws even more strict?

    - 2. How should some girl or anyone act who believes they are a victim of a stalker even if that

    person might prove to be fairly harmless? One can't know.

    -3 Is there a line to calll for victims other than the police who will give out restraining orders but they

    are not likely to do much unless someone is in imminent danger and it might then be too late?

    - 3. Do you think there is a phone line or a website for stalking victims to phone and to get immediate help?

    -4. What do you think of the Rebecca Schaeffer story. Just because one is a celeb does notjustify that one is targeted by a lot of crazy people, don't you agree?

    Thanks x

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  • Which of the following 10 most remarkable coincidences fascinate you the most?

    All of these strange coincidences are real facts and not made up stories.

    Which one do you find most outstanding?

    I have to say that I find it ironic and remarkable that just months before Presedent Abraham Lincoln got assassinated by John Wilkes-Booth, the actor Edwin Booth and brother of John Wilkes-Both, the assassin, saved the life of Robert Todd Lincoln, the eldest son of President Abraham Lincoln from falling under a train and made him a hero..but the other stories are just as just stands out to me that one of the Booth brothers was a hero and a good man and the other evil, two such different brothers affect life and death of the Lincoln Family..

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