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    if the first humans were black/dark skinned, should the control of the planet be given to them ?

    funny how they became the slaves of the humans who evolve later, the white humans.

    white humans enslaved the first humans - the black humans.

    that to me says black humans were either a little slow in advancement and progress,  or black humans never anticipated how evil the next gen of humans would be. 

    i guess it was their fault for being righteous and 'too nice',  and thats why white humans enslaved black humans, they took advantage of their innocence - but thats the way of the world, the weak are controlled by the strong and assertive.

    perhaps its time for black faced humans to wrestle control back from the white faced humans and regain control of the planet ?

    but there are problems.

    there are also yellow faced humans and mixed color faced humans and we also have retard and inbreds.

    just who deserves to control the earth ?

    4 Answers3 weeks ago
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    Why did chimpanzees evolve into people but nothing else did?

    Why didn’t other animals evolve into people too?

    8 Answers4 weeks ago
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    What traits are only found in human-like primates and why do you think they may have been selected for in human evolution?

    In a paleobiological aspect, what were the unique traits that separated the human-like primates from the other primates and what caused these adaptations to take place?

    6 Answers1 month ago
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    Why do people think all humans are the same race? ?

    We are not. Europeans have Neanderthal DNA by 2-5% 

    East Asians have DNA from Denisovans by 8-10% 

    West Africans have DNA from an unknown hominid by 15% that was discovered recently. 

    Genetically we are different. Humans also share 99% of their DNA with a chimpanzee. That doesn’t mean chimpanzees are the same as Humans. 

    There are separate and distinct human races. Accept reality. 

    5 Answers1 month ago
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    Are humans still technically apes?

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    All humans are a subset of the great apes, which is a subset of apes, which is a subset of simians (specifically "dry-nosed monkeys), which is a subset of primates.  We are all of the above. 

    7 Answers1 month ago
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    Why are we not technologically more advanced than what we are today, since our sapien species is a few hundred thousand years old?

    My kid asked me that..

    I told her that it's because of a lot of things..

    We didn't come onto the earth knowing anything.

    We didn't even come onto earth preordained to be as we are today...

    I'm not some sort of an archaeologist or something..

    But I know that we started off with rocks, wood and fire..

    Active participation in Science didn't really take off until remarkably recently..

    Metal itself is only a few thousand years old..

    We used pure metals back then, not alloys as we do today..

    The use of Electricity is only about 150 years old..

    We are only just 22 years out of the century that gave us Mass industry.

    And here's another angle to look at it from ?

    How old am I ?

    How old do I look ?

    When was I born ?

    She said you look about 30..

    I said I'm 34... I was born in 1986.

    My dad is the person who raised me..

    He died at the age of 73...

    He was born in 1943..

    Imagine that.. 1943.. that is pretty well headed toward 100 years ago..

    He's the one who raised me... I was a kid, in his house..

    I myself... Grew up until about 14 years old..without a computer.

    I was born before the internet..

    I remember the 1990s internet boom.

    So we're about right where we should be, at this point in our human evolution.

    12 Answers2 months ago
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    If Iceland was uninhabited, and a group of black Africans moved there... how many years for them to evolve to be like white people?

    Favourite answer:

    That is a difficult question to answer because skin color is not preserved in fossils. However, there are other indirect ways to figure out. Humans evolved in Africa and not until 60,000 years ago did some Africans migrated out of Africa and populated the rest of the world. Even though Europe was close to Africa, the first migrants did not enter Europe. Most of them in fact followed the coast from Africa all the way to SE Asia and then some even went into Australia. A small group however went into Central Asia (near Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. There they stayed until about 40,000 years ago when a small group migrated into Europe and they were the Cro-Magnon men. Another group of Central Asians migrated east instead and they eventually became the ancestors of the Ainu of Japan, Mongolians, Siberians, and the Native Americans. The Ainu resembles Europeans somewhat with light skin but they are not Europeans or Caucasians. 

    Light skin evolved because Europe and north Asia at the time was in the middle of the last ice age and people had to wear clothes to stay warm. In contrast, many people who never left the tropics after migrating out of Africa wore nothing. Wearing clothes protect the skin from skin cancer but it also blocks out too much UV light and prevents the body from making vitamin D. Vitamin D shortage will lead to rickets, which can result in broken or deformed bones or even death. Since light skin allows the body to absorb more sunlight, it prevents rickets. Therefore light skin ostensibly evolved as an adaptation to avoid rickets in a cold environment that requires clothing. For the same reason, the Chinese also evolved light skin. The Chinese evolved from the early migrants who entered China through Burma. We know that the Chinese invented agriculture about 10,000 years ago and then they experienced a population boom. Many of them (mostly men) then migrated to warmer regions, such as southern China and SE Asia. They brought their light skin to these areas and as a result many SE Asians in such countries as the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand have light skin because of their Chinese ancestry. Therefore light skin evolved no later than about 10,000 years ago at the latest. 

    We can narrow the time range a bit further because about 24,000 years ago, the ice age in Europe was at its maximum and most of northern Europe was covered by huge ice sheets and many Europeans had already evolved light skin by then, because they migrated back to the Caucasus region. People from the Caucasus regions have light skin because their descendants are modern Europeans, whose ancestors migrated back to Europe after the ice age ended 13,000 years ago. 

    So, the available evidence suggest that light skin probably evolved between 40,000 years ago and 24,000 years ago. Since rickets is such a horrible disease, light skin probably evolved much earlier than 24,000 years ago. Perhaps it evolved a mere few thousand years after the Central Asians entered Europe, as one scientist suggests. May be it was even more quickly than that. Perhaps a few hundred years or even a few generations? We simply do not know for sure.  Other cold adaptations include narrower and taller nose bridges, thin lips, shorter arms and legs, straight hair, more body and facial hair, a rounded torso and more fat under the skin. These adaptations have evolved in the Chinese and in Europeans, so they would presumably evolve also in Africans who migrate to Iceland. Since these adaptations are not as critical as rickets, they probably take a bit longer to evolve than light skin, but no later than 24,000 years ago, because lots of Indians with European ancestors had these same traits. Keep in mind however that people get vitamin D from milk and from the pharmacy, so rickets is no longer a selective force. If Africans migrate to Iceland and they drink milk or take vitamin D pills (or eat vitamin D rich sea food) then they may not evolve light skin at all, even if they have to wear clothes. If they wear hats to keep their head warm, their hair may never evolve to be straight either. 

    5 Answers2 months ago
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    Why are humans overpopulated? Are we not supposed to be here or something? ?

    I just don't understand how there are two many humans on Earth? Are we just having a crap load of sex or something? There's no such thing as overpopulated Tigers or Cockroaches. I feel like the term overpopulated means something that's unnatural and NOT supposed to be happening but that's inevitable as long as people keep having sex so I don't understand how is that happening to just us people and no other animals. Like okay, an abundance people litter, that's bad and unnatural and we have a sh*t ton of trash in our oceans because of it...Humans being born from procreation which is literally what our bodies are designed to do is...just as bad? 

    6 Answers2 months ago
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    Do most people believe in cultural appropriation?

    Is this a serious issue in our(American) society?

    11 Answers2 months ago
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    If someone is Mexican with light/white skin, would that racially make them White?

    The idea of "Race" originated from 18th century Anthropologists, who used phenotypic traits to separate people into different racial groups.

    I don't feel like that means your skin color is automatically your race though, as no one refers to a population as "straight hairs," since that is a phenotypic trait as well. Skin color is an adaptive trait as well. 

    Furthermore, that was also 18th century Anthropology. At that state of science, human classifications were simplified extremely. Race is a biological myth, and a social construct. 

    Is it not used to help identify your race, and not inherently your race?

    8 Answers2 months ago
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    Are humans really closer to chimpanzee? ?

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    Genetically, bonobos (a type of chimpanzee), are our closest relatives in the animal kingdom. We did not evolve from them. We share a common ancestor.

    4 Answers2 months ago
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    If Africa is where humans evolved, why isn't it the most populated part of the world?

    I know humans migrated, but it still stands to reason that not as many would migrate as stay and that the further away the fewer migrants there would be, what with migrants having to travel on foot, and so Africa would be the most densely populated part of the planet, not way over in East Asia and South Asia. If you were to look at any population density map, one would think people evolved somewhere between China and India, so how do we know they didn't?

    8 Answers2 months ago
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    Why much of the pieces of evidence for primate evaluation analyzed by anthropologists comes from teeth along with jaws?

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    I suppose because you can tell how strong the jaw muscles are from the connection points, and you can tell what type of food they're eating from the shape of the teeth. Looking at evolving animals in the same group you can tell if their diet had changed over time.

    4 Answers2 months ago
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    Why do human beings harm their young?

    Every species on this planet protects their young, but humans. When I talk about harm I am referring to physical abuse and sexual abuse. Chimpanzees, orangutans, and gorillas don't physically abuse or sexual abuse their young, so why do humans?

    9 Answers3 months ago
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    Did humans descend from apes?

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    No - not really.  

    Humans, apes and monkeys all evolved from the same ape-like animal.

    13 Answers3 months ago
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    What structural similarities do humans and gorillas have?

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    Like human hands, gorilla hands have five fingers, including an opposable thumb. Gorilla feet are similar to ours too. Each gorilla foot has five toes, but their big toe is opposable and can move much more flexibly than ours can.

    4 Answers3 months ago
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    About what "age" did our more primative ancestors start mating?

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    About 4 billion years ago.

    5 Answers3 months ago
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    how come most migrants are men?

    6 Answers3 months ago
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